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2019 Bronze Pollie

Best GOTV for a Ballot Initiative

2019 Gold Pollie

Best Field Program for a Ballot Initiative



Blitz Canvassing is an industry leader in the field of canvassing, signature collection, and petition management services with a track record of working and winning in all corners of the country.

Ground game wins tough elections. Ground game is what we do better than the rest.

Blitz was built by political professionals who were fed up with the lowest common denominator approach to paid canvassing and petition management that so many canvassing and petition companies succumb to.

Blitz does paid field, canvassing, and signature collection better than the rest.

We’re accountable. We’re effective. We play at scale. We bring a service mindset to our work — we get our clients what they want.

We play to win.


In 2018, Blitz Canvassing deployed several teams across the country that knocked on 1 million doors from August to Election Day. More impressively, combined the teams were knocking on 20,000 doors a day at one point.

Although the quantity of doors is a driving force of any door program, the quality of the door knock is what Blitz prides itself on. Each Blitz canvassing projects guarantees a 20% contact rate. Analysis on the multiple projects Blitz Canvassing worked on in 2018 showed that among the targeted universes, if a voter had a conversation with a Blitz Canvasser, they were 5.9% more likely to turn out in comparison to the rest of the targeted universe.

We also pride ourselves on accountability. Often times canvassing can be a moving target within a larger political operation. As a campaign deploys canvassers into the field it can get increasingly more difficult to manage and monitor canvassers. Blitz canvassing employs full time managers who exclusively work on project accountability. Managers monitor on a continual basis software outputs like GPS tracking, time between doors, turf management and follow up knocks to targeted households. We also conduct in-person randomized field checks on our team on a daily basis to help maintain quality.

Blitz Canvassing has a robust background check process before hiring potential contractors. We check a national database of over 400 million criminal records and require a multi-year background check prior to being onboarded.


With headquarters in Colorado, the Blitz Canvassing team has unique experience with statewide ballot initiatives having carried at least one statewide petition in four of the last five years.

Because of the active nature of the Colorado ballot initiative process we have been able to build lasting infrastructure. Our team has successfully qualified over 8 statewide ballot initiatives and 11 candidate ballot qualification petitions. On top of this, we have coordinated parallel volunteer efforts that have produced more than 75,000 volunteer signatures for some of the campaigns we have managed. Our volunteer management involves real-time validation and status reports to keep our clients up to date and on target.

We are structured to either run your entire collection effort or supplement your effort with smaller strike teams to help you reach your overall signature goal. Either way, Blitz Canvassing is eager to help you place your question on the ballot.